Company Directors

Nelly Amas

The Company’s Managing Director. Nelly has twenty-six years’ experience in property management. She passed the direct final examinations of the Incorporated Society of Values since 1992, and is now part of the California Apartment Association CAA An expert in the residential property field, Nelly left a senior position in Other Promise Keeper Care companies to start the business in 2005 and since then has built up the portfolio to more than 200+ units.

Abieyuwa Obaraye

AB joined Promise Keeper property management as a Co-Manager. AB heads up the Tenants’ Management team and she is part of the Promise Keeper property Group Management Board.  She is also heavily involved in the Strategic and Planning aspects of the Promise Keeper property management Group.  She has vast knowledge of business transformation and business process re-engineering.

She started her career as an auditor in Africa and branched out to work with numerous large private and public sector organizations.  Before working with Promise Keeper property management, AB was employed by a Management Consulting firm in Africa where she worked with a few 400 clients.

AB has built up a wide range of contacts with employment specialists who can deal with Property staffing issues.AB deals with all our company recruitment Tenants and internal management. If you would be interested in joining our team please send your CV

Cyril Inneh CEO of Promise Keeper Property Management

Nicholas Inneh CFO of Promise Keeper Property Management

Brandon Inneh COO of Promise Keeper Property Management

These three gentlemen brothers are business minded as well as the owners of Promise Keeper Property Management. They are specialized in Property Management of care homes and units big or small all over United States of America since 1992. They stated Property Management by owning and managing care homes for over 25years++ and in 2005 branch into owning a 30units apartment to present which they have turned into high-rise apartments of 100units. Under theses leaderships Success is a must****.

Donald Windham Sr. Company’s Managing Director.

Mr. Windham has over thirty+ years of experience in case and property management. Mr. Windham Provides the HR expertise for all staff members. Mr. Windham specialized in Company recruitment of Tenants and internal management and heads up the Promise Keeper and Tenants’ Management team.