If you ever find that you have been let down by the service of Promise Keeper property management

Put any problems you have experience in as much detail as possible

Send this either via email to amas1villas@yahoo.com or metrostation439@yahoo.com by post to the Customer Service Department, Promise Keeper Property Management, P.O. Box Z San Jose Ca. 95151

We will respond to your correspondence to confirm that we have received it within 48 hours of receipt.

One of Promise Keeper directors will then oversee a thorough investigation into all issues within your letter and provide a full response to all points raised within 14 days of the receipt of your original correspondence

If you have further comments to make in response, we will be happy to deal with these in the same respect until all of your concerns have been met.

Promise Keeper Property Management Property.
Their contact details are as follows:

Property, PO Box Z, San Jose Ca 95151

Phone: 408-993-9268
Fax: 408-947-9123
Text-phone: 408-386-6474